Ritual Bath and Visualization for the Leo Full Supermoon Eclipse



You’ll need:

  • A bath
  • Eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and rose (or any herbs you work with for protection, healing and love)
  • Epsom Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt
  • A white chime or votive candle on an altar or special place to light it


  • Clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite or any stones you work with for healing and connection
  • Candles

(If you don’t have a bath, you can still do the following in the shower. You can hang up some eucalyptus and alter the following so you do the visualization before or after the shower, while in meditation.)

Before you take your ritual bath, make sure that any partners or roommates know to not disturb you. Put your phone on silent, make sure your pet(s) won’t bother you, put on some good music (I recommend the album “Dragging a Dead Deer Up A Hill” by Grouper or “Piano Nights” by Bohren & Der Club of Gore and relax.

  1. Set up your ritual space

Light any candles, draw your bath and add the salts, burn any sacred herbs like Sage, Palo Santo or Sweet Grass, light incense, and start creating a sacred space. Dim the lights, start connecting to your breath and when you’re ready add any herbs you’re using to your ritual bath.

  1. Step into the bath and relax

Step into the bath (carefully, making sure it’s not too hot!) and then continue to breathe. Settle in, and imagine that as you inhale, you’re breathing in a cleansing white light. As you exhale, you’re breathing out any negative or stuck energy, which may look gray or murky. Continue to imagine breathing in white light and ask for any energy that’s not yours to be released. Then dunk your head under the water and imagine yourself being cleansed and released of any energy that isn’t yours. Now it’s time to call back in any energy that is yours by saying something like “I call back in all my energy.  I call back in all my energy that may have been lost or scattered. I call back in all my energy” and imagine all your energy returning to you, like a self-winding cable winding back up through your navel.

  1. Visualize

You can either continue with this visualization in the tub, or step out and meditate with it.

Continue to breathe, focusing on your belly getting full as you inhale and shrinking as you exhale. Start to imagine a doorway that will lead you to the full and expansive eclipse energy. You don’t have to focus on what’s behind the door, but just the door itself. What does it look like? Is it wood, or marble, or iron? Is it arched, with beautiful tiles in yellows and blues, or is it painted a deep red? Is it a stained glass? Think about what you’re calling in this eclipse full moon, and then see what’s created in reflection of this energy. If you have trouble visualizing, you can also paint, write or create something in honor of this doorway. Continue to breathe as you add more details to this door, allowing your imagination to take you where it needs to go. And then, when you feel ready you can open the door, and see the universe behind it; what would a place of support, magick and love look like to you? Maybe this is all black with stars, maybe it’s just a smell or maybe it’s a certain place. Take time here, calling on any spirit guides, masters, angels, or deities you work with to help guide you, and for any messages or insight they may have. You can declare your wishes and intentions for this eclipse to the universe, imagining a golden thread forming from your mouth and weaving your intentions into creation. Stay in the sacred space behind your door as long as you need, and when you’re ready you can exit through the door you entered.

  1. Finish the bath and bring it all back

Slowly breathe back into your body, connecting to your breath and self once again. If you wish, you can dunk your head underneath the water and thank the universe for its support and love. When you feel ready, step out of the bath, dry off and put clothing on if you wish. Then find your way to your altar, or wherever you can place your white candle to burn. Reconnect with your breath if you wish and light your candle. You can write what you’re looking to manifest and leave it in front of the candle, or you can say something like the following:

“On this sacred Supermoon Blood Moon day, I step boldly through this doorway. I step into my destiny and surrender and trust that the universe is working for me. May I find myself and my light, and enjoy what lies behind the sacred door I’ve created, an opportunity this eclipse has granted.”

Let the candle burn all the way. If you have to put it out, use a candle snuffer or a fan and have it burn all the way down over the course of three days.

  1. Ground your energy and celebrate

Once you’re done with the spell, bath and visualization, it’s time to ground your energy. My favorite way to do this is by pressing my forehead into the floor and imagining any energy that’s not serving me returning to the center of the earth. You can also inhale like you’re sucking through a straw, imagining any energy returning to the earth in the same way. Once you’re done, drink some water, eat some food, relax and go look at the moon!!

Happy supermoon Blue Moon eclipse!!!


Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist, witch and author of the upcoming book "Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch," which will be out with Ebury/ Penguin Random House in March 2018. Follower her on Instagram: @gabyherstik 

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