Amethyst has been a very popular stone for centuries, recognized for its beautiful shades of purple and lavender. It is a high vibrational crystal, known best for spiritual awakening and sobriety. The name ‘amethyst’ itself actually translates to “not drunk” in Greek. The ancient Greeks believed it would ward off drunkeness and aid in overcoming addiction, a belief that is still held by many who work with its mystical properties today. Amethyst is also one of the few gemstones that is associated with improving the intellect and aiding in rational thought, while also helping us heal both our minds and hearts. On top of working on the physical body, it is also associated with the crown chakra and is a stone that can awaken the third eye. Placing or wearing the crystal near your third eye is said to help open up psychic abilities and induce visions.

Crystal points are powerful manifesting tools and literal points of light. Place in your sacred space whether that be your altar, meditation area or near your windowsill.

Sustainably + responsibly sourced from Madagascar 

Size: ~2" x ~2"

**Note: Expect variation in size, shape and coloration. 

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