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Posted on November 21 2018

You are intuitive. You are psychic. They both mean the same thing. But the word intuitive has become more approachable and acceptable. You were born with these gifts and you’ve just forgotten them. It’s my mission as a Spiritual Mentor & Psychic Medium to reactivate these gifts in you. The answers you’re looking for are already within you.

We are in a time right now where intuition & spirituality are cool again. But why now? Why are we waking up to what has been around since the beginning of time? We’re feeling disconnected. We’re feeling lost and we’re looking for community. By re-learning how to tune into our intuition we can feel empowered, connected and trust our inner guidance. If you want to go a bit deeper our souls have chosen to be here at this time to be part of this spiritual shift.

So now you’re thinking, ok that’s great but how? How can I access these gifts? Working with our intuition doesn’t need to be complicated. So here are my favorite ways in which you can start to get back connected:


Our Spirit Guides are a powerful gateway to access our intuition. We all have one main Spirit Guide who is with us from when are born until we die. They have lived many lifetimes here on earth and just like us have gifts, talents, personalities and passions. They can even be star seeds from another planet! They like to use these talents to help us and connect with us. It’s a special relationship between you and your main guide so when you learn to connect with them you’ll feel a special unique bond.

The rest of our Spirit Guide team is made up of protection guides, healing guides & messenger guides. They come in at specific times in our life when we need their assistance.

The best way to grow this relationship connection is to Ask Them to Step Forward. Go somewhere quiet and call them in. Our Guides have become so used to being in the background they need to be encouraged that we’re ready to work with them. Take 5 minutes somewhere quiet, shut your eyes and say in your head or out loud “ I am ready to work with you. Please step forward. I would like to receive your messages and guidance”. You will begin to feel their presence and just notice any feelings, sensations in or around your body.


Listen to the intuitive body. I always use the phrase “ If it’s not a Hell Yes! It’s a Hell No”. When I need any guidance whether it’s buying something, connecting with someone, investing time or energy on something I always ask my body. “Show Me Yes” or “Show Me No”. To do this, breathe what you want guidance on into your heart space. Imagine it in a sparkling white light and see how it feels in your heart.

A yes for me feels light, tingly, positive and I get a green go sign as a visual in my head. A No feels cold, the energy drops and I see a red stop sign in my head. Each of us will experience this differently. So I encourage you to bring your Guides in and ask your heart instead of your head for an answer.



The intuitive message from Spirit can be small and subtle. It’s about noticing the details, the synchronicities and patterns. Notice where your mind wanders. Notice which thoughts keep recurring. The key to noticing is to create space. We are receiving messages and guidance from Spirit on a daily basis we just need to open our eyes, hearts and minds to receive them.

So next time you’re walking outside put down your phone and notice what’s going on around you. Use this time as a walking meditation to be open to receive messages from Spirit.



Trust is the key to accessing your intuition. It’s a muscle. The more you trust and take action the more messages you’ll receive. The intuitive decision sometimes doesn’t make sense but it will feel so right in your body. Next time you get an intuitive hit and it feels good, act on it. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. If it’s a HELL YES act on it. And if it’s a HELL NO listen to the guidance.


As it’s Thanksgiving this week I wanted to share with you that I have just launched a podcast called “ So You Think You’re Intuitive”. This week’s episode is all about protection. This time of year can be tough as we spend time with family and loved ones. If you’re feeling like you need some extra support this year, have a listen as I share all my top tips, tools and visualizations for you to feel in control of your energy field this holiday. You can find it here

Natalie Miles is a spiritual mentor, psychic medium, and founder of the So You Think You're Intuitive Podcast. Be sure to follow her @iamnataliemiles  for more! 

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