The Universe Has Your Back, Don’t Forget It!

Gabriela Herstik

Posted on December 19 2017


Sometimes it can be really difficult to trust the process. In this day and age when it kind of feels like everything is collapsing, it can be hard to remember that from the ember and ashes comes new life. As we move into a new era of consciousness, things are shifting, not only for the world around us, but for us and our inner world as well.  When we’re faced with hardships, whether they be sickness, losses or setbacks, it can be really difficult to trust that the universe has our back and is working in our highest favor. But just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening! The universe works in mysterious ways, and instead of trying to figure out the why, we can surrender and trust. Though this can be difficult and sometimes triggering, you can always look back in your life to see how other moments have played out in your best interest, even if you didn’t realize it then.

One of my favorite mantras is “the universe is working in my highest favor.” It’s been there for me through heartache, through job losses, through healing. It’s a reminder that the universe knows things and sees things that our linear, 3D brains can’t process. There are so many things in this universe we don’t know and instead of fighting this, we can learn to surrender and trust in our own intuition and path. If we continue on a path that we feel is in line with who we are, then we can rest assured that the universe knows what it’s doing. And in case you need some help remembering that, here are three ways to remember that the universe has your back.

1. Talk to the universe

You have a cosmic team of spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, faeries and more who are around you, listening and supporting you. In moments of unrest, of distrust and of pain, talk to them. Ask them for a sign, for their support, for their healing and for their love. You can do this wherever you are: on the train, in the bathroom, stuck in traffic, or at your desk at work. You don’t have to speak aloud, though you can if you wish.  Once you start to trust in these beings, and feel them, you can find more reassurance that the universe knows what it’s doing and that it’s supporting you on your journey. You can also meditate and ask for guidance from your cosmic team, or set up an altar dedicated to them to continue fostering this relationship.


2. Honor the signs when you see them

If you see your favorite animal, or feel a tingle after talking to your guides, trust this. If you see a repeating number all day, or keep thinking of someone before they text you, trust this. If your favorite song comes on that you were just thinking about, trust this. When you see the signs, acknowledge them and honor them! Let the universe know that you’re hearing it. Tell your guides that you see it, laugh at it, and more than anything, trust the signs! They don’t always make sense, much like our feelings, so don’t try to get in your head about it. Listen to your heart and intuition and know that you’re seeing the signs as moments of synchronicity, and rest assured that you are in flow with the universe.


3. Trust your intuition

You know how sometimes your heart and soul know something even if your brain doesn’t? How sometimes you just get that feeling that you can’t explain in the pit of your stomach? That’s intuition, baby, and you have to trust it! A way to always remember the universe has your back?! TO LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION! If something feels wrong, even though it should be right, honor it! Your intuition is the compass of your soul and it will lead you to where you’re meant to go. If you follow your intuition and learn to honor and work with it, the universe will always have your back because you’ll be moving towards your destiny, and she’ll be pushing you gently forward.


It’s not always easy to remember that the universe knows what she’s doing, but with practice it does become less difficult and eventually innate. As long as you listen to your heart, and allow yourself to make mistakes, there’s no wrong way to go. And if you ever need a physical reminder that the universe knows what it’s doing, be sure to pick up our Universe - Mystic Tee -or- Universe - Om Tank. Until then, may you see your path unfolding and trust that it is the perfect one for you.


Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist, witch and author of the upcoming book "Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch," which will be out with Ebury/ Penguin Random House in March 2018. Follower her on Instagram: @gabyherstik

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