The Moon Made Me Do It: Working with Lunar Energies to Manifest and Banish

Gabriela Herstik

Posted on March 16 2018


It only takes one look up to the night sky at the moon to get it. When we cast our gaze on la luna, we’re connecting to an ancient energy and a cosmic entity that our ancestors honored in their daily life. The moon tugs at our souls, at our hearts, at our unconscious and reminds us of the innate magick we hold in our bones. And as she goes through her 28 day phase of waxing and waning, she reminds us that we have the right to do the same.

The moon makes us do some strange things; as her light grows, or waxes, between her new and full phase, we place our energy in what we are trying to manifest ourselves. When the moon is at the peak of her energy when she’s full, we also focus on what we’re trying to complete. The Full Moon is the energetic climax of the month, when we’re supported in any and all magick. Our psychic senses are on high and the cosmos are supporting us in conjuring and manifesting.

When the moon is losing light, or waning, between her full and new phases, we focus on what we want to release. We have the opportunity to see what’s no longer serving us and what we need to banish to make the next lunar cycle as powerful as possible. Between the full and new moon, we have the opportunity to let go of anything we feel is weighing us down and of anything that’s no longer serving us. If the full moon is an energetic climax, than the new moon is a fresh energetic slate that we can use to grow, since it marks the beginning of a new cycle.

Try working with these energies by writing down a few goals at the new moon and taping them above your altar, or somewhere where you’ll see them regularly. Check in with yourself up until the full moon and then see how you’re working to manifest these goals. On the full moon, take some time to reevaluate and see what ideas, patterns or modes of working you need to release and let go of to help manifest your goals as the moon wanes. You can also light a candle each night between the new and full moon to help you manifest this goal, gazing at the flame and focusing on what you’re trying to attain.

If you want to continue to work with lunar energies, try creating an altar dedicated to the moon using The Moon tarot card. In the tarot, The Moon reminds us of our subconscious and of the shadows that may linger there. While this can be scary, it’s also a reminder that the moon’s light is actually a reflection of the sun; we’re never truly alone in the darkness, and there’s always a message that the darkness holds. The Moon also represents our connection to the divine feminine, to our intuition, to magick and mysteries and our own inner darkness (which is NOT evil.) The Moon reminds us that we need darkness to have light, just like we need light to have darkness. Try creating an altar in dedication of this card by using white roses, white and silver candles, and moonstone, a stone that’s innately tied to the divine feminine and lunar energies.

On the Full Moon, try saging your space with palo santo, sage or mugwort, and then opening windows and asking for the moon to bless your space and altar. If you can, go outside and spend time under the moon as you feel her rays kiss your skin. Even if you can’t go outside, imagine the moon illuminating and cleansing your space, your soul, and your spirit, Light the candles on your altar and take some time to connect with energies of the full moon. You can read what you’re manifesting out loud to the moon since she’s always listening, and supporting you in your work.

No matter how you work with these energies, remember to listen to the moon and notice any messages she’s giving you. Sometimes they come in omens like a bird or seeing a repeating number. Sometimes they come in a feeling, like an overwhelming sense of love, or like all your hairs raising for no reason. And in case you want people to know you only did what you did because of la luna, don’t forget to pick up our new Moon Made Me Do It shirts. Blessed be, Tribe!


Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist, witch and author of "Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch," which will be out with Ebury/ Penguin Random House in March 2018. Follower her on Instagram: @gabyherstik

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