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Posted on April 25 2018

I first noticed Rachael Day’s collages popping up on some of my favorite spiritual accounts on Instagram and instantly felt drawn to them. Looking at her art takes you into an entirely different world. The imagery is rich with the divine feminine, and a harmony of cosmic and earthy vibes. It is hard to put her art into words since each one of her pieces feels unique with its own voice and story. Each is so special in its own right. Rachel posts her artwork daily on her Instagram account which has become a major source of inspiration (which you can find here.) We caught up with her this past week to discuss the inspiration behind her cosmic collages.

Mystic Tribe: I am totally obsessed with your art! But I know very little about you... tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in this type of work.

Rachael Day: My name is Rachael. I’m 25 and based in Los Angeles, California. I graduated from college just over 2 years ago with a bachelor's degree in art and dove head first into doing freelance graphic design. Throughout my college career I focused mostly on exploring my own artistic desires in painting and abstract work. It always remained somewhat psychedelic. Not through effort but that’s just what naturally came out. As I got closer to graduating, the pressures of having to make a living loomed and knowing there was a greater demand for design versus fine art, I quickly took as many graphic design classes as I could before I graduated. I started getting work, building a client base and gaining a range of experience through a couple of internships. During this time I was making content for other people and developing graphics for their passion projects, I still had an artistic urge that wasn’t being totally fulfilled. So I started making art for myself again and one of the things that came out is the work i’m doing now. I would describe it as psychedelic digital collage that features imagery of powerful women.
MT: What inspired you to start making these cosmic works of art? Has most of your work had a more mystical edge to it?
RD: At the core it was that artistic urge and need to be exploring my psyche through creating something visual. On a more surface and content based level it was a desire to see more imagery of women through a feminine perspective rather than through the lens of male desires. As for the tone, yes most of my art has always seemed to remain psychedelic or mystical in nature. For whatever reason that’s just the vibe i’m drawn to!
MT: What is the process like when you begin creating? What is your approach?
RD: It depends on the premise of the piece. If i’m making a piece for myself sometimes I already have an idea in mind of a composition, image or vibe i’d like to create. Other times I just start playing around and see what happens. I use photoshop to create all of my work so sometimes just looking up a tutorial and learning a new part of the software or a new technique is enough to provide inspiration for a piece. If i’m making a piece for a client, I have to make sure I understand their wishes and their vision for what they’d like the end product to be and then we go from there.

MT: Your artwork is so unique. What has creating this kind of art taught you the most?
RD: I think just the power of imagery. For both a positive and negative impact. For me, the internet and social media started to be a part of my life when I was about 10. Since then it’s only intensified and become such huge part of how we visually interpret the world. It can, and has had, quite negative impacts on my self image and thought patterns at various point in my life. But now it also allows me to share and connect to people through my art. I wanted to create artwork that hopefully started conversations about feminist aesthetics and what it means to create art through the lens of a feminine perspective.
MT: What is your biggest message as an artist? 
RD: The hope of opening up a bigger space for feminine art and igniting more conversations around women and the arts. I hope that you feel the energy that goes into my work and that it reaches out to you as the observer and pulls you in to a deeper world of connection and contemplation.
Rachael Day is an artist and graphic designer. Follow her on Instagram @rachday_ and if you would like to know more details about her custom commissions, email her at

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