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Posted on April 03 2018

Cleaning and sex have more in common than most acknowledge… on your hands and knees, breaking a sweat, gloriously lost in the task at hand, getting into every nook and cranny, and when it’s done, you feel amazing and amazingly connected to your lover. My wish is to help you feel this level of satiation and connection with your home. The more we partner with our homes, the more we ignite our natural intuition. We are creators, and our homes are portals of creation.


Ponder this: out of anywhere in the whole wide world, you live in your home. How wild is that? You two picked each other. It’s a relationship like any other, and yes, it requires maintenance and nurture. You have a life mission to accomplish and during this phase of your journey, this is the home that will either propel you forward or keep you stagnant. I vote for forward momentum always, and a deep Spring Cleaning is your ticket to ride... Perhaps in more ways than one...


The Spring Equinox plus Mercury in Retrograde are a ripe time for self inquiry and for exploring one’s shadows. And where to find those shadows? Firstly, in your dusty, forlorn corners; secondly, in intimacy. See, cleaning & sex are intertwined!



I recently launched my feng shui design consultancy, SUNDAY. I came to feng shui during a period of rapid transition: leaving the fashion industry, giving birth, moving West, ending a marriage, and changing homes. In my first four years in Los Angeles, I moved four times. Each move out became a cathartic release of possessions and outdated patterns; each move in became a deeply conscious process of rooting into the space and establishing a fresh energetic map. A new modality, what I call “modern feng shui” emerged, as did the calling to guide others through this work.


This magical elixir has led to such passion in my life. From career direction, to creative mothering, to adventures in relationship. With each new home, I would attract different partners. The archetypes of design and men would be congruent. Very fascinating! Growing up in a scientific family, I relish a good research project, so lately I have been studying: how do style, intimacy and keeping house interplay in the partner we attract?

What impact do aesthetics have on the energetics of sex and romance?


Thankfully my clients partner with me in the ongoing research, contributing data a plenty. After we SUNDAY in their homes and wardrobes, my clients have met life mates, accepted marriage proposals, moved in with partners, traveled to exotic locals with new lovers, and ended lengthy divorces amicably. This modality works!


If you would like to experiment in your own love life, I have listed my top ten suggestions for a deep Spring Cleaning, all geared towards heightened intimacy and better sex, based on the principles of SUNDAY. Be forewarned, the below is work. Yet, I have discovered, as have my clients, that by doing the outer work we also do the inner work. You may think you’re simply organizing, yet the organizing permeates deep into your subconscious, aligning patterns and beliefs.


Read through the list before you jump in and figure out what works best for your schedule. I love to dedicate a whole day or weekend, while others prefer to break it up into more manageable blocks of time. However you tackle it, may you clean with reverence and enjoy the process - infusing your home with sexy, springtime vibes.


Spring Cleaning for Better Sex: The Top Ten ‘To Do’s'

1. Purge baby, purge!  Focus on your bedroom, closet, bathroom, kitchen - and phone.  Our lives are entirely too cluttered.  No feng shui ‘cure’ can counterbalance the messy buildup we call clutter, which is the accumulation of unmade decisions.  Find the ability to detach from sentimentality and take this opportunity to retire any tired looking items (threadbare towels, old undies, expired cosmetics).  Part with any emotionally charged possessions, particularly from past relationships. Be critical - look at your space as a lover would - what does it say about you, your level of attention / style / hygiene?

2. Rearrange your bedroom.  Shift the furniture placement.  Consider the items that live in the room.  What purpose do they serve? Do they inspire?  Simplify, then shop your home for fresh totems.  Make your bedroom feel new to you. When you create a fresh flow in a room, you start to interact with the space differently, opening new neural pathways.

3. Strip your bed and love on it however you can… clean the frame, flip the mattress, wash the pillow covers, splurge for new sheets - or wash your linens and let them dry in the sun.

4. Deep clean!  (Duh.) There is such insight when you clean your own home; it will start to communicate with you.  Turn on uplifting tunes. Wash your windows, the eyes of the house, for a fresh view on life. Scrub the floors to feel secure and grounded this season.  As you clear the cobwebs of your space, you clear them from your mind.

5. Clean behind major appliances… refrigerator, oven, washer, dryer.  If you rent, this is especially important, to clear out the residue of previous tenants and any baggage they carried into the home.  This arduous task made the list because when I did this in my last home, I ended up having one of the hottest nights of my life (seriously).

6. Completely empty your refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  Sanitize. Toss stale, expired, freezer burned remnants. Put back what you will actually eat / what you would want to serve to your lover.  Toss the rest and commit to more frequent yet smaller market trips, filling your home with fresh local produce; excellent health energy.

7. Change your light bulbs.  Pick a consistent, natural, ambient quality of light.  Clean out the fixtures as you change the bulbs. Your world will feel brighter and warmer.  Often clients have an epiphany post light bulb change - they literally have a bright idea pop into their mind.

8. Refresh your entryway to welcome in fresh vibes.  Feng shui is about getting good energy into the home, and then circulating it beautifully.  Head out to the street and then walk into your home with a studious eye. What do you see? Sweep, buy a new doormat, wipe out the mailbox, do a little garden maintenance… what would make the entrance to your home ultra attractive - magnetic even?

9. Sage!  Open the windows, giving that stale energy an exit route.  Leave the windows open for a while to allow fresh air to circulate within your clean space.

10. Add life!  Treat yourself to fresh flowers, or a pair of houseplants.  I tell my clients to think in pairs for love.  Place the plants in terra-cotta pots before positioning them in the ‘Love Corner’ of your bedroom, which is in the back right corner upon entering from the primary doorway.  The element of earth activates the love vibes according to classic feng shui principles.



When you’re done, bravo to you!  You have prepared your home, your bed and your spirit for a new season and a new level of passion.  Shower, finish with an Epsom salt soak and then make love to yourself to seal in all of your intentions.  

Please take time the to reflect on the before and after in order to chart any life shifts.  Feng shui often takes time to percolate, so be patient and stay curiously engaged with the process.

If this list has you hooked, I would be honored to take the work deeper with you.  You may learn more about SUNDAY here

Here’s to a most sensual spring! 

Meghan Wallace James is a mother, manufacturing engineer, Parsons-trained fashion designer, stylist, and healer.  For feng shui consults, email Meghan at

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