My Healing With Shaman Durek

K Kaerhart

Posted on March 10 2018

The spiritual community of Los Angeles has been abuzz these past few weeks. At first I was skeptical about what I was hearing. A true third generation shaman who travels the world healing the sick and is also a women’s empowerment leader? I had had enough of the celebrity healers and shamans that have come through town (or many who live here) who were all ‘love and light’ but no depth. The healers that claimed they could fix anything as long as you were willing to pay their steep prices. I had become disillusioned by the whole thing and quite frankly, I wasn’t interested anymore. These days you can throw a tennis ball in LA and hit a shaman, and in a city that’s centered around playing make-believe, I was craving something real.

Enter: Shaman Durek.

My good friend, Alexandra Roxo, talked me into attending one of the Shaman’s events. I actually forgot to buy a ticket and the event sold out. I thought ‘oh well. another shaman event doesn’t interest me anyways.’ But Alexandra urged me to try to find a way to come. So I visited Shaman Durek’s Instagram and reached out to him personally. When I visited his page, I had a feeling that I needed to go. Yes I was skeptical, but something felt very different about this shaman.

From the moment Shaman Durek spoke, I was completely mystified. I have seen countless healers and studied under many, but I had never met anyone like him. His wise words were the medicine we were all in need of that night. I saw him heal the room with his powerful presence, his ancient knowledge of Earth and the beings that inhabit it, and lastly, the shamanic journeying that took place. All of us were transformed that night and several women I spoke to afterwards had felt a deep healing and clearing. Suddenly things were beginning to ‘click’ and come together. With this kind of power, I knew I had to see him one-on-one.

I scheduled an appointment with him and the experience was nothing short of life changing (and I don’t say that lightly). As difficult as it is to put into words, I try my best in the video below.


I am unbelievably grateful and honored to have Shaman Durek as Mystic Tribe’s second video podcast guest! Listening to his words can help shift and heal you. If you don’t believe me, just tune in to his regular Instagram Live stories - trust me, it is a sight to see! We want this community (the Tribe!) to be as much apart of this powerful podcast as possible. We would love to hear from you! Submit your questions for the Shaman - or topics you would like to see discussed - in the comments below, through Instagram, or by email. And be sure to join our exclusive Facebook group to be included in all of our mystical conversations. To read more about the Shaman, click here.

Kaerhart is a musician, intuitive numerologist and co-founder of Mystic Tribe. Follow her on Instagram @kaerhart



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  • Freya Hart: March 11, 2018

    This was so inspiring. Thank you for sharing! I am going to brainstorm some questions for the shaman…. I will DM you!

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