Leo New Moon Eclipse + Ritual to Help You Reclaim Your Power

Gabriela Herstik

Posted on August 10 2018


On Saturday August 11th, we have a powerful New Moon in Leo met with a partial solar eclipse. The cosmos have been serving us some major energy lately and this moon is no different. Not only are we beginning a new cycle with the new moon, but it’s also closest to the earth as it’s orbiting right now, making it a supermoon New Moon, which is even more potent than a regular New Moon. Coming as the final eclipse of three, and putting an official ending on eclipse season, this New Moon in Leo is all about power, how we relate to power and the way others relate to us through this lens. We’re being asked to lay to rest all the unhealthy relationships, coping mechanisms, patterns and habits that are taking us out of our power, so we don’t continue unwillingly handing that to someone else.

Both new moons and eclipses are portals of transformation. The new moon ushers in a fresh start and fresh energetic slate for the month ahead, as the moon goes through the cycle of gaining light/ waxing to full and then losing light/ waning back to new. Eclipses host this same kind of energy, closing doors that no longer serve us and opening up those that do. Eclipse energy works for the next 6-12 months, creating lasting effects of evolution. What this means, is that today through Monday is the perfect time to be present in where you are in your story. It’s the perfect time to let go of what’s no longer in alignment with your vision and truth. And with the moon and sun both in Leo, it’s also the perfect time to reassess your relationship to ego, power and self.

We are being asked to be honest with ourselves in a way the ego often doesn’t like. Where is your sense of power going? Do you feel in control and responsible for the choices you make in your life? Do you feel that they’re in alignment with your evolution and growth? When we make choices based in both ego and fear, we’re separating ourselves from our true nature. Leo is all about indulging in self while recognizing that without a broad perspective, we can get sucked into the drama of our own stories. This eclipse and new moon is a perfect time to take a step back and reclaim our own power and voice so we can move through this world as our fullest selves without shame.


A Leo Eclipse Ritual To Reclaim Your Voice and Power


This dancing ritual uses movement, breath and sound to help reclaim your inner wild woman so you can step into this eclipse portal as your fullest self.

You’ll need: Space to dance and move around, sacred herbs to burn like palo santo or sage and a lighter, a paper and pen, a fire safe dish

  • Set up the space: Take time to set up your space by making sure you won’t be disturbed by roommates or pets. Get a playlist of songs you love to dance to going, turn your phone on silent, and then light whatever sacred herb you’re burning and use the smoke to cleanse yourself and your space by passing and wafting it around. Take this time to drink water, set up supplies and connect to your breath.

  • Write it down: Before we begin the movement portion of this ritual, you’re going to reflect and write down what’s no longer serving you. Where are you letting your power go to someone else? Where is it leaking out of you? In other words, what patterns and habits do you want to release today? Write this down in the present or past tense, whether it’s something like “I release the need to make others happy at my own expense” or whatever else. And so it is!

  • Move it baby: Once you have the music on and your sacred space set, stand tall with your feet planted on the floor. You can imagine roots moving through the soles of your feet into the earth, warm energy moving up these roots, through your spine and crown of your head before falling back to the earth like branches. Continue to breathe and then start to move your hips, breathing intention into your solar plexus so it glows a yellow light. Let this guide you, moving slowly at first, swaying your hips side to side.  Continue to be present in your body and then start moving more energetically. You can send light to any chakra you want, imagining the corresponding color glowing as a light (a green light at the heart, blue at the throat…etc) Dance into this, moving more and more until you’re at a comfortable energetic rhythm.

  • Let it go!: Before we call in our power, we gotta let ish go. Thinking back on what you wrote down in step two, continue to move as you start to say something like “let it go” or “I release” in a rhythmic manner. Let this mantra guide your movement and use your body to punctuate and make it visceral. Shake your hands and head and hips, scream that you’re letting it go and feel it in your body. You can imagine a white sphere or cooling violet flame around you burning up these attachments too. Do this for however long feels good.

  • Chant it up and bring it back: Now it’s time to reclaim your power, baby! Once you’ve released it’s time to reclaim. You can do this by imagining all the energy you’ve left scattered about returning to you, or you can do hand gestures like you’re pulling something back into your stomach and body, turning this into a dance move. Roar, screech, scream, stick out your tongue and growl; do what feels good.  You can even chant something like “I take it back” or “I reclaim my power” over and over again as you move and dance to this. Either way, visualize and know that this energy is returning to you and that it will no longer be outside of you, but part of you again. Dance however long you need to dance, chant however long you need to chant; the key is feeling it in your body. Don’t force this; just move and it will happen. Continue to breathe and reclaim your power.

  • Burn it up and close it out: Once you feel complete in your ritual, imagine a sphere of vibrant gold light around you, feeding you strength and love. Take the paper you wrote on step 2 and burn it, allowing anything that’s not working in your highest good to fall away. Press your forehead into the earth, allowing yourself to melt back into her, imagining the roots from your feet dissolving into the earth. Scatter these ashes to the wind or flush them down the toilet and remember that nothing and no one is entitled to your energy except you. So it is!

  • Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist, witch and author of "Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch," and the upcoming "Inner Witch" out through TarcherPerigee September 2018. Follow her on Instagram: @gabyherstik

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