Full Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Leo + Ritual

Gabriela Herstik

Posted on January 30 2018


Give yourself a pat on the back, buy yourself some flowers or simply throw up your hands and say hallelujah; we’ve made it through the first month of the year. The energy of 2018 has been intense, and it reaches its peak today, January 31st. Not only were we #blessed with a full supermoon the first day of the year, we’re blessed with a second full supermoon today too, which is also a lunar eclipse. So not only is this a Blue Moon, because it’s the second full moon of the month, it’s also a Blood Moon because of the eclipse and a supermoon. And guess what?! A supermoon Blue Moon lunar eclipse hasn’t happened in over 140 years!



Full moons are the energetic climax of the year, when we see our life illuminated under la luna’s rays. Full moons are a time of heightened psychic energy, and a day when any magick is suitable. They’re a time for manifestation, for when we honor what’s serving us and when we call that back in, plus more. And let’s not forget, this is also a supermoon, when the moon is closest to the earth during its orbit when it’s full or new. Supermoons are like a full moon intensified; they can be up to 7% bigger than an average full moon but can be hard to see the difference with the naked eye. One thing’s for sure; this energy is intensified, and when paired with the energy of an eclipse, it’s like a cosmic doorway we can peak through for the next 6-12 months. And since this moon is in Leo, we can expect intense, fiery and passionate energies to color this lunar energy as well.

While supermoons are a time of manifestation, eclipses are portals of change and new beginnings. Eclipses usher in the change that will affect us throughout most of the coming year. Whether we’re focusing our energies on something relating to our personal, professional, spiritual, physical or material life, we can use the intense eclipse energies to wash away what’s not working for us and welcome new patterns and opportunities that are. Think back to eclipse season last August; what happened? Were there any major changes or opportunities that presented themselves? What’s manifested since then? Reflecting on this time can help bring some clarity to what you can expect this eclipse season.

And let’s not forget this is all happening in the house of The Lion. Leo loves to be seen; they’re bold, they’re characters and they’re passionate. The fire sign is known for its dramatic flair, for their eye-catching style and for their commanding presence. AKA this eclipse full moon is going to be a big one! Themes about the way we present ourselves, carry ourselves and live as our fullest selves may be pushed to the forefront. Things may feel intensified, a little more dramatic than usual or just plain old overwhelming; the key? Finding our breath, connecting to our roots, drinking water and taking care of our needs.

Some magick to help you make the most of the moon:

Eclipses are an INTENSE time energetically. In fact, this eclipse supermoon is so special, again it hasn’t happened since 1866, that my recommendation is that you either perform magick right before the full moon or right after. The energy of an eclipse can be scattering and overwhelming, and the day-of is best saved for a ritual bath, visualization and meditation. If you’re looking for some magick to work with, you can try making a honey jar like the one I wrote about here. You can replace ingredients for whatever you’re trying to manifest (like mint and coins for love or eucalyptus for health) and burn this throughout the full moon. You can also try doing this simple love spell ritual bath. However, if you want something specifically catered to this cosmic energy, be sure to check out my new ritual below :) 




Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist, witch and author of the upcoming book "Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch," which will be out with Ebury/ Penguin Random House in March 2018. Follower her on Instagram: @gabyherstik 


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