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K Kaerhart

Posted on January 09 2018


We are in the midst of a Tarot revolution. No longer is Tarot taboo or a tool that only mystics and healers know how to work with and understand. The tarot renaissance is for the everyday woman, proving the tarot is an incredible tool for going inward and focusing on your growth.


Introducing Danielle Noel, visionary artist, writer and goddess behind The Starchild Tarot. I had the pleasure of speaking with her this past week about all things Tarot and the inspiration behind her stunning deck.



Mystic Tribe: How would you explain tarot to someone new to the practice? What does your tarot practice look like?


Danielle Noel: In essence, the Tarot is a tool of storytelling, with the reflective capability of including you as the key player amongst all of the characters and energies that move in and out of your narrative. But it is also so much more than this. It illuminates the greater path (and forks in the road) that we all tend to move through and cross, as humans - the challenges we endure, the greatest loves and deepest spiritual insights we encounter and the profound life-lessons we come to face, all wrapped up in a set of visual keys. When we use the Tarot we are able to reflect on our life, our dreams, and the inner workings of our spirit, in order to make room for medicine and new revelations. It pretty much works like a mirror of your own subconscious which is really quite fantastic. You can work with it at your own pace (on your own) or through reading for others. 

My own Tarot practice is not very complicated. I tend to draw cards when I am feeling curious about something or if I am in the process of writing or brainstorming out ideas. The cards can be very helpful if you are are feeling up to doing a more complex reading (and there are hundreds of these, depending on what you are trying to process or reveal), or it can be super casual, like doing a one-card-draw in the morning. I like to do this while journaling or drinking my first sips of tea or coffee. 


MT: How did you discover the tarot?


DNI first discovered the Tarot at a local flea market when I was in elementary school. It was a secondhand copy of the Aquarian Tarot, which will always be my favourite deck. The deck had two Ace of Swords which was pretty odd considering it was also used, but I was quickly fascinated with the Artwork and symbology. From there, it definitely sparked my curiosity and I have been somewhat obsessed with the language and visuals ever since. 


MT: Your collages are beautiful! What inspired you to incorporate that specific style into the Starchild decks? What is that process like for you?


DNAww thank you! xo I originally started off by making Tarot card prints a few years before I decided to make my own deck, and these incorporated photographs of friends I had taken, hand drawn elements and painted collaged bits here and there. I had been doing graphic design work since I was in High School and into my Uni years, so I eventually decided to upload some of the imagery into my editing software and found that the digital realm could be very helpful when compiling ideas. From there, it was an organic process and I have been following a similar ritual with how I create the cards ever since. I also love to collect vintage cameras and expired polaroid film which is also part of the aesthetic I am drawn to, so I guess, it is very much a vintage feel mixed with all of my most treasured areas of interest and study - Ancient Egypt, Ancient archaeology, mysticism, gnosticism, lore, symbology, and various paths of spirituality. The list is pretty long and oftentimes very random. I guess my process involves drawing, painting, photography and design, and I am very much in love with collaging textures over shapes and forms to create new details in the images I work with. Sometimes it feels like digital sculpting. 


MT: I  love your Akashic Records deck and work with it regularly. What was the inspiration that lead to you focusing the deck around the Akashic Records? Do you have a favorite card from that deck?


DNThe Akashic records have always fascinated me. Although I see it as somewhat abstract and more of a representation of something Universal and all encompassing, I think it is relevant to the time we are living in now and can be very helpful with revealing new windows into our own lives. So often, we think of the Tarot as something three-dimensional that explores our story here at this time (past, present, future), but I think it can bridge way beyond this. It is my belief that we have lived many lifetimes, in many forms, in many different worlds. I think, at the very least, it is fascinating to even think about all of this because it sort of helps put things into perspective. The trivial details become less worrisome and heavy and we begin to think of ourselves in terms of the bigger lessons we have come to learn; our Higher Calling, our greatest priorities and our soul connections to others. This also highlights our connection to one another collectively (globally) on a much larger scale. I also love how the Akashic Records have shown up in various titles, forms, and symbols throughout the ages which only validates it even more for me as something real and useful. 

I think my favorite card from my deck may very well be the Akashic Records, but I am also always drawn to the High Priestess and The Magician in all decks.


MT: What have been some of the positive changes you've seen in your life since working with the energy of the tarot?


DNI think for me, I have come to trust my intuition more. I don't rely on the Tarot for my answers. I merely use it to reflect back to myself which I think is very important to remember when you are using the cards. The cards are not your magic 8 ball nor are they going to tell you the future. I use them like a spice in my life but also as a reminder that it is important that I take these quiet moments to reflect. It's so incredibly valuable to make time for your own meditation, and the Tarot helps me do that through the process of checking in with myself. Beyond this, it has also supported my ability to be more aware of the synchronistic moments and patterns that show up throughout my life, in that there seems to be some greater story and design at play. Sometimes, it is outright funny like some great cosmic joke. Like when you start to get the same card, over and over again, regardless of what deck you are using. I try and remember to be grateful when this happens! 


MT: What is your advice to those who are just discovering this practice? Where should they start?


DNI know there is a lot of advice out there when it comes to beginning your Tarot journey, but honestly, I would say find a deck and guidebook that resonates with you. From there, just play. Don't put pressure on yourself. Take it slow (or fast, if it moves you). Go through the images, one by one, and decide what they mean to you. After this, you can connect what you are feeling or seeing to the deeper concepts of the cards. But really, there is no right or wrong way to start, as the cards can be used in so many different ways. Some people like to read the accompanying guide first, while others will initially familiarize themselves with the imagery. I tend to take my own notes and add to these as I do more readings, so the complexity of the meanings become more vivid and colourful, over time. There are also so many fantastic resources out there, on youtube, in Tarot guides, the list goes on! 

Also, keeping a Tarot journal is a great way to record your insights. After a while, you may find that you will never need a guidebook again.


Danielle Noel is a writer, artist and the creator of The Starchild Tarot and the upcoming Moonchild Tarot. Learn more about her Starchild deck here and her upcoming releases and artwork at . Follow her on Instagram: @starchildtarot


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