A Gemini New Moon Mirror Ritual To Help You Get Clear

Gabriela Herstik

Posted on June 11 2018

It’s Gemini season baby! There’s never been a better time to start a new project, get clear about collaborations and partnerships or generally just talk what you want into existence. Air sign Gemini is the master communicator of the zodiac, here to share, share, share and inspire you along the way. While Gemini’s get some of the worst rep in the zodiac world, the truth is this air sign isn’t actually two faced like their glyph the twins may suggest, but rather multidimensional and layered. Gemini’s are both the air fueling the fire and the fire itself. They’re the spark we need to create and manifest, the oxygen that allows us to breathe more life into our creations of choice.

The Gemini New Moon on June 13th is giving us an opportunity to get even clearer about what we want to see in the mirror. If our creative collaborators and sacred partners are all reflections for our experiences and for where we are currently, then we can use this moon to clean up our mirror, get clear about what’s already in our field ready to bloom and allow the universe to do the rest. New Moons are the beginning of a new cycle, when we’re allowed to explore our darkness and shadows with more ease than at other times of the MOONth. When we do any kind of work around partnership, we’re often forced to take a hard look at the habits, beliefs and desires we already have in place. This Gemini new moon ritual will not only help us witness these habits, beliefs and desires, but will allow us to reframe them as something not outside of ourselves, but being reflected back at ourselves.

A Gemini New Moon ritual to Help Us Get Clear About Our Reflections

This ritual works with your core beliefs and what you want in a partner or collaborator to help you get really clear about where you are and what you want.  

You’ll need:

  • Sacred herbs to cleanse with: Palo Santo, Sage or Sweetgrass.
  • Any crystals you work with: Clear Quartz for power, Lapis Lazuli for communication and connection to higher power, Amethyst for healing, Rose Quartz for the heart
  • A journal or paper and a pen
  • A mirror
  • A white candle (a chime or tea light would be perfect)

Step 1: Cleanse and ground

Before any ritual, it’s important to set up space.  Put some music on, turn your phone off, let roomies or partners know not to disturb you, have pets either in your space or out of your space. You can burn herbs like palo santo or sage and waft the smoke around your space to clear the room of any lingering energy, take a ritual bath with epsom salt, shower or do whatever else you need to feel settled. Once you’re ready, find a comfortable seat and start to connect to your breath (if you are working with crystals, now is the time to set them up around you.) Feel the earth beneath you, imaganing roots or a cord moving to the center of the earth, the energy from the earth traveling up your spine and through the roof of your head to connect you to the cosmos above. Take as much time as you need here to really feel settled, present and grounded.

Step 2: Set your intention

Gemini is the only glyph of two people- the twins. Naturally, the domain of partnership and collaboration falls under this sign. Now this doesn’t have to be romantic. It can be professional, creative or even just sexual. But the key here is to get clear about what you’re calling in. Claim it and then write it down on paper or in your journal, in the present like it’s already happened and you’re grateful for it. “ I am so thankful for __________________________.” Think about how you want to feel with this person and then write this down. Then, write down a list of traits that you want in a partner or collaborator. Take your time and be honest with yourself. Get as specific as you can without focusing on physical traits. Think about how you want to feel.

Step 3: Take it to the mirror

When you feel like you’ve made your full list, take your pen and journal and go to the mirror. Connect to your breathe, filling your belly with air and letting it out with a sigh through your mouth. Then start gazing into your left eye in the mirror. Do this for at least five breaths. And then read your list to yourself, looking in your left eye when you can. Feel into your body as you read this list. When you’re done, look back at it and circle all the traits that also apply to yourself. Many times, when we describe a partner we’re looking for, we’re actually describing ourselves.

After you’ve read this list to yourself, look in your eye and tell yourself all the valuable things you can bring to this partnership. Be honest and try to be compassionate with yourself. If this is really hard, take some time to write out your negative core beliefs about yourself and your work. These are the things that you believe about yourself that don’t even have to be true but feel true. “I’m never as good as my partners” or “ I always mess up.” Oftentimes we have these ideas programmed into our minds from years of conditioning. If this is true, take time to write out the opposite, positive affirmation of your negative core beliefs and read them to yourself in the mirror (“My partnerships help me grow and step up as my fullest self”, “I am always willing to learn and grow from my mistakes”...etc.)

Step 4: Get clear about what you want

While still at the mirror, get even more clear about what you want. If you had to sum up the sort of partnership what would it look like? Take a second to feel it and embody it. What is your body doing when you’re thinking of this sacred partnership? How do you feel? When you’re ready, open your eyes and in the present tense, look in the mirror and tell yourself what you want like you already have it.

Step 5: Light the candle

Once you’ve claimed your partnership, light the white candle and know that as it’s burning it’s releasing your intention to the universe. Claim this! You can continue to meditate on the flame and your intention, or you can write down what you want and tape it somewhere you can see it everyday up until the new moon in two weeks. Return to what you want throughout the month, revisiting how you feel.

Step 6: Ground and center

When you’re done with this ritual, find a seat like before. FInd your breath and feel the earth supporting you. Imagine the roots or cords that extend from the base of your spine moving back into your body. You can press your forehead into the earth like in child’s pose and imagine any excess energy moving back into the earth. Breathe into this and notice how you feel. When you’re done, you can record any experiences you had. Adapt this ritual as you want, but make sure not to leave any candles burning unattended- you can always use a candle snuffer or fant to put your candle out, just don’t blow it out. You can relight it and revisit this meditation and ritual. You can also let the candle burn down in a sink. No matter how you finish your ritual, we hope it helps you get clear about your own value and light.


Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist, witch and author of "Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch," which was released through Ebury/ Penguin Random House in March 2018. Follower her on Instagram: @gabyherstik

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