5 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Goddess This Summer

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Posted on June 03 2018

This blog post may at face value look like a list, but if you look a bit deeper you will see that it’s really a mirror! The real key to unleashing your inner goddess is reflection and to truly see yourself.

Do You See What I See?

It can be difficult to see the beauty and greatness within ourselves. Especially in today's world, where we can be surrounded by the "highlight reels" of others on social media, instead of reality. We tend to forget that the pictures we scroll through everyday are not always real moments, but staged behaviors.

Because of this, seeing ourselves for who we really are has become more difficult than ever. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a few people around us that truly see us for who we really are (flaws and all). Yet somehow, there is always a part of us that lingers in disbelief of our greatness, even when it is pointed out by another.

So, the question is, do you see what I see? Grab your “mirrors”, let go, and I will tell you exactly what I see: I see the goddess in you and here is how you can too!



5 Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Goddess

Step 1: It is first important to accept that it is your flaws that make you great. If we didn’t have flaws we would have nothing to gain, nothing to work for, towards and/or create. There will always be a time and space where we don't know or understand, and lack clarity… But that my dear goddess, is the beauty of life. We should live in those moments of unknowing and uncertainty! When you dive head first into the world of exploring and learning you gain understanding, knowing, and clarity. The key here is to embrace your "flaws" as a positive. So we can use unknowing and uncertainty as a chance to grow.

Step 2: Get out of your head, let go and flow! Most of the time, we are so caught up in our own minds that we don’t even realize that half of what we are thinking and feeling are not even our own. 90% of the people and things (Social media, news, family, friends, co-workers, etc..) that we’re surrounded by and take in are the real "fake news". We so often take on the ideas, thoughts, feelings and expressions of others, that it becomes difficult to weed through our own. That said, the reasoning behind Step 2 to is to be aware of this.  Awareness is the master key to absolutely everything in life.

Step 3: Allow yourself space and time to be alone. Reflect on thoughts in your head, feelings in your heart, and what truly feeds your soul. Establish what are your own thoughts and feelings and where they stem from. Break out a notebook, your phone, notepad, or whatever you can grab to write with, it doesn’t matter. It is important to file through your thoughts and feelings, so you get them out, and also find ways to understand them. Holding on to that which doesn’t serve you just takes up space that could instead be used for things that allow you to grow, to move forward and to live your best life. Within this step you’ll want to find ways to clear your mind and energy! Write, meditate, sage...whatever it is that works for you so that at the end of the day or week you’re left with what is real…and dear goddess what's real is YOU!

Step 4: Develop a routine but leave space for spontaneity. Repetition is so important for us as humans. It is crucial to have something that you do everyday that encourages growth. This could be journaling, meditating, listening to a playlist that brings you joy, reading a book- whatever your thing is! As I like to say, “A routine a day keeps the stress away”. Establish a routine that gives you something to look forward to every day! However, it is also important to allow yourself the space to do something new as well. Once a week take a new route to work, read a different type of book you wouldn’t normally read or dive into something new. Whatever it may be, a goddess should always leave space for new things that support her happiness and growth. She doesn’t allow herself to live in a stagnant lane because in growth your light shines even brighter!

Step 5: Last but most definitely not least on the list is: CHOOSE YOURSELF. I'll admit that it is not as easy as it sounds. Especially as women, we feel the need to take on everything for everybody. The strength of a woman blows my mind sometimes! But it is important to realize that when a goddess truly steps into her glorious, golden goddess shoes is when she understands the importance of choosing herself above all. Especially, when she takes whatever necessary action(s) in order to choose herself first. Why? Because, dear goddess, our greatness is able to express itself best when we ourselves are taken care of. Take care of you, and when you do, when you truly choose yourself... Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will ever be able to stop you and your goddess glow from shining bright!

Oh and for the record...I see the goddess in you beaming and cheering as you read these words. Choose her, she is you and you deserve the very best this summer and forevermore!

Thank you to the beautiful goddess Kaerhart at Mystic Tribe for allowing me to share my thoughts and life lessons with you. For more on my thoughts and life lessons check out my website and stay tuned for my book "No Smoke; Just Mirrors: The Journey of Letting Go" coming this Fall 2018.

May your light shine brighter and clarity be yours…may you peel back the layers and see you were a goddess all along ❤

Namaste Goddess,
Koven Nahvi

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